Adventures in eBook Launching

I’m working on what I hope are the final round of edits of my novel, Cheer, which I am planning to self-publish through Kindle Direct Publishing next month.  As I wrap up the story, I have to start thinking about outsourcing some other elements of the book, including hiring an ebook cover designer and a Kindle formatter.  I also wanted to get a professional author photo for the back of the book and the Amazon author page.  Yesterday, my friend at Diane Philips Photography took my photo in San Francisco’s Presidio.  I wanted something super natural, though at my age, that actually requires a bit of work, including hair and makeup.  After the shoot, we looked at the photos on Diane’s computer.  She did a great job but…ugh, belch, yuck.  It’s no fun to scrutinize your 40-something self in high definition!  We’ll be choosing a photo together in the next few weeks.  As uncomfortable as it was to observe the difference between what I think I look like and what I actually look like, it was an exciting step towards getting this book published!


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