Reviews vs. Sales

When I decided to self-publish Cheer, I analyzed what I wanted to get out of having my hard-fought creation out in the world.  Although earning money from the book would be nice (very nice), my primary goal was that readers would like it.  Although I’m a journalist by day, fiction writing is still new to me.  And at this point, anyway, I view my novel-writing as more art than business — and every artist wants their work to be appreciated.  That’s why I allowed my novel to be freely loaned among Kindle owners and available for free to Amazon prime members.

So, in addition to the feedback so far on Amazon, I’ve been thrilled to receive e-mails and Facebook messages like these:

Finished the book this am!   Wonderful, wonderful.  Leslie — I enjoyed it so much.

Congrats on your novel…I started it last week during my trip to Turks and Caicos and can’t put it down.

I’ve just finished reading your novel and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  It is a quick and pleasurable read, a real page turner.

You write very well and kept me interested/involved to the very end. (And the ending was quite well done.)  In all, an excellent novel and you should be very proud and pleased. I enjoyed reading it and will recommend it to others. The characters had real depth and I found Ethan particularly likable!

Just finished Kindle version.  Was racing to the end as I really got caught up in the story.  The writing was excellent — very good mix between formal language structure and colloquialisms.  I could totally relate to the place references.  The characters were very good (I liked Ethan the best because he was so much less intense than the other two.) Except Nina of course.  Perfect best friend.  The dialogue was laugh out loud funny in parts.

I very much liked Cheer.  The grief, the inability to comfort Ella, the cutting
were all hard for me to absorb but the “aha” moment at the end was “delicious” and
I really couldn’t put it down this a.m. and read the second half straight through.
You did such a terrific job.  I keep thinking about the book even through I finished around a week ago and that’s not just because I know you.

The book is a real find; I loved it!!!!  I loved the story and how you didn’t say what happened to Riley until well into it.  I cared for the characters and what happened to them, except for Rick, and I loved how you went from Ella to Jenny to Ethan. I hope there are more novels to come.  

So if you’ve ever read a book that you loved, LET THE AUTHOR KNOW.  I promise, you will make someone’s day.  After putting blood, sweat and tears into a book, it is sooooooo gratifying to learn that the most important people — readers — liked it.

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      Thanks so much!

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