New Cover for Cheer

My designer and I decided to make a minor change to the Cheer cover:

We just adjusted the title color and outlining.  Do you like it?  In other news, I am super, duper (!) psyched about not one but two independent book blogger reviews.  The first is the ChickLit Club, which said, among other things, “This fabulous debut novel is written in the style of Jodi Picoult.”  The other was by a blogger at The Misfortune of Knowing.  She wrote, “In comparison [to another book she mentions], Gordon’s Cheer feels more genuine with its realistic characters and cleaner prose.”  Uh, squeeeee!


  1. Alice Simpson said:

    OMG, I am so embarrassed, Leslie, I downloaded your book and didn’t remember to read it. Not used to reading on my iPad. Alice


  2. A.M.B. said:

    The tweaks to the cover look great! I liked the red, too, but the yellow and blue looks more cohesive.

    • Leslie A. Gordon said:

      Thanks! And thanks for giving me something so exciting to blog about! 🙂

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