A Book Club, A Giveaway and Nanowrimo

I’ve been asked to speak to a book club that read Cheer: A Novel and I am SUPER honored and excited.  If your book club would like to read Cheer and have me call in to discuss the characters, the themes, the story or the writing process, definitely let me know.

Cheer is also one of the books being given away on the Misfortune of Knowing blog as part of the Literary Blog Hop.

In other news, for the last few weeks, I’ve been gearing up to participate in my first Nanowrimo — that’s a novel in a month, people. This kind of thing is right up my alley — I am a goal-oriented person and I also love limited-time projects.  (For example, in 2011, I participated in the 365 Photo Project.)  Of course, the goal is a first draft in a month. I’m already all about crappy first drafts ala the Anne Lamott school of writing so Nanowrimo is a great match for that.  (By the way, if you’re not following Anne Lamott on Facebook or Twitter, you are missing out!) Assuming I do actually complete a novel draft in a month, I will still have many, many months of editing ahead of me.  But, as I always say, it’s far easier to edit a bad draft than it is to deal with a blank page.  (The same approach holds true with my day job as a legal affairs journalist, by the way.  You should see what some of my national magazine stories first looked like — yikes!)  Since I am decidedly not a “pantser” (writer-speak for someone who writes by the seat of her pants without knowing where the story is going), I have been prepping for Nanowrimo quite a bit.  I’m not fully plotted — in fact, I’m not really plotted at all — but I’ve got a decent idea of where this next story is going.  Any other Nanowrimo people out there?

  1. I’ll be attempting Nano this year! I am excited but have little prepped. I’ll be working on a rough outline tonight. Good luck!

    • Leslie A. Gordon said:

      Yea! Awesome! Have you done it before? This is my first…

      • nope, it is my first too

  2. Sheila Gordon said:

    You should offer to go to localbookclubs personally. They love that.

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