Nanowrimo 2012

I’m four days and 5,855 words into Nanowrimo.  So far so good!

It’s a LOT of work, even (or perhaps especially) for someone like me who already spends hours writing almost daily.  But I’ll be psyched to reach Nov. 30 with a 50,000-word draft to (hopefully) mold into another publishable novel.  The story is set in San Francisco and has the theme of aging.  Although my 10-year-old son remarked, “No offense, Mom, but that sounds boring,” I’m pretty happy with my 5,855-word draft.

I’m taking advantage of Scrivener’s Nanowrimo deal.  This is software I’ve long wanted to try and so far it seems super powerful for handling large documents.  When I wrote and edited Cheer, I found managing 60,000+words in a Word document pretty unwieldy.

For some laughs, check out the #newNaNoWriMorules hashtag on Twitter — it’s fake rules for Nanowrimo.  Two of my favorites:

Every time you delete a word, you get entered as a tribute in the Hunger Games.

Every time you get on Facebook, you have to delete 1000 words from your manuscript.

Finally, I had a blast speaking to the book club about Cheer.  They asked about character development, when I write, why Ethan’s chapters were in the third person, etc.  I hope to participate in other book clubs as more readers discover Cheer.

1 comment
  1. Sheila Gordon said:

    I hope it isn’t about a super neurotic aging Jewish grandmother! You have a lot of material to work with I know!

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