What Nanowrimo Looks Like

I’ve been working away on my Nanowrimo project.  Here are a few photos.  The first shows the obsession that Nanowrimo creates with respect to word count.  The project is 50,000 words in a month — a huge amount of writing.  You need to break it into manageable portions, keeping in mind that there may be days (of which I’ve just had two) that you don’t write at all.  I’ve discovered that I can write about 2,100 words at a stretch before I start going bug-eyed.  So plotting out daily targets is critical.

The spirit of the project is to get a draft down as quickly as possible — no editing.  However, soon after I write a section, I think, “Oh, I should have emphasized this” or “That section is missing X.”  So I’ve been attaching those notes to post-its.  After Nanowrimo is over, the first order of business will be incorporating these notes into the manuscript.

Finally, here’s a thorough and fair review of Cheer by Chick Lit Central.


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