Monthly Archives: April 2013

Image 1I spent the last week in the place where I am the most centered and productive: Tahoe.  As the photo above shows, I spent many hours editing Fly Girl.  What I can say now is…it’s getting there.  Still lots of work to do.  But I’m liking where it’s headed.  Meanwhile, for inspiration, I’m reading fellow women’s fiction author Sarah Pekkanen’s new The Best of Us, which is very readable.  And I’m eagerly awaiting Sarah Jio’s latest.




I’m still deep in revisions of Fly Girl.  I like the changes I’m making but, man, what a job!  I’m hoping to complete this latest round of revisions in about two weeks and then get it to my next beta reader, someone who was instrumental in improving an early draft Cheer with some terrific feedback.  I’m hoping she can work her magic on this book too.  Speaking of Cheer, it’s selling pretty steadily, though still not huge volumes.  I’m not-so-secretly hoping for a big break — a huge book blogger or someone else giving it a shout-out on some widely read platform…  A girl can dream, right?

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading and listening to some terrific books, including This Is Where I Leave You, which is hilarious.  I also bought an eclectic bunch of audio books in an Audible sale, including Jodi Picoult‘s The Storyteller, Roger Ebert’s memoir, Tiny Beautiful Things (I saw Cheryl Strayed speak this week — she was terrific!) and Spook by Mary Roach, whose kooky non-fiction I’ve long wanted to read.  There just aren’t enough reading hours in the day!

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