Meeting An Author

Last night, I met Sarah Dessen, a much-beloved author in the YA market.  I’ve read and enjoyed several of her books — and I’m not the only one. Sarah has a hugely devoted fan base.  I’ve been to many author readings at this particular San Francisco bookstore and I’ve never seen it so crowded for a reading — and tickets were required!  (My ticket put me at “number 35, group B” in the signing order!  The woman next to me was “number 77, group D!”) The young girl in front of me had Sarah sign about 15 books and a canvas bag and her ticket and…you get the idea.  But it was worth the wait:

ImageAs one might expect from her hilarious tweets and blog posts, Sarah was funny and engaging.  I’m looking forward to reading her latest.  As I told her during our brief encounter (during which I gave her cupcakes from Sift and tried very hard not to go too fan girl), I believe she and I were separated at birth.  Not only are we both writers, moms, pop culture and sweets addicts, we are also both big-time worriers. It’s reassuring to find fellow successful and productive members of the anxiety-ridden tribe.

Speaking of meeting authors, here’s a terrific piece by a friend of mine from journalism school about meeting the incomparable Judy Blume.  And one more link — a piece in the New York Times about writing and fear by another favorite author, Sarah Jio.


  1. Sheila Gordon said:

    What is Y A market?

    • Leslie A. Gordon said:

      Young Adult.

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