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bo-ready-to-reviseTwo friends have read my next novel, tentatively titled Fly Girl.  I got some excellent feedback, most of which was pretty harsh (and, I admit, accurate).  After a few days of being kind of down about it, I bucked up and attacked the story when I was up in Tahoe last week.  I got TONS of work done — not a word of writing, but I re-mapped the whole story.  I’ve added elements, diminished elements and beefed up elements and I’m even starting the story eight years earlier in my main character’s life.  My job now is to implement that detailed road map.  I’m hoping to revise two chapters a day for the next month.  At that point, I hope to have a solid, improved draft to send to the next round of beta readers.

Speaking of books, I just finished a terrific audiobook: Where’d You Go, Bernadette.  It’s clever, funny and touching and the reader does an excellent job in the audio version.  Highly recommend!

Final note — a Hollywood agent is reading Cheer — she says she’s going to try to finish it this week.  I would be so psyched if she wanted to represent me.  I’m realistic about the chances, but of course, I’ve already casted the Lifetime Movie in my head!  Fingers crossed!



So two people have read my Nanowrimo project, tentatively titled Fly Girl.  The first reader laughed out loud.  (I was there so I know this is true.)  The second reader…well, here’s what she had to say:


Um, yeah.  That’s five pages of very thoughtful comments, ideas and suggestions, most of which confirmed that needling feeling I had that something wasn’t quite working.  The manuscript is still out with a third reader.  Even if she winds up loving it, I’ve got months of reconstruction ahead of me.  Ah, the life of a novelist…not so glamorous!  But, so far anyway, I’m sticking with it!

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